Thursday, July 28, 2016

How I Make Worklife Easier

Stress at work is inevitable, that is an understatement, but there are workarounds and tips on how we can lessen, avoid and make worklife better and manageable. Being an IT development team lead in an industry with so much expectations, deadlines and services offered, stress is definitely always in the way. So I have a few tips and tricks that I do to make everyday work at the office easier and less of a hassle, and here they are:

1. Manage meeting schedules well. Online calendars keep us organized and notified, use this if you still are not using it until now. Manage your meeting schedules properly, if there are conflicts or overlaps, decide which one to prioritize and respectfully decline the other. This will lessen office drama on meeting prioritization.

2. Don't skip lunch, or better yet eat snacks in between. No one would want to work in an empty stomach, so don't forget to eat!

3. Hydrate. Water intake cleanses the toxins in our body, the more you are hydrated the less stress you will feel because your body is well.

4. Treat your office mates as friends. No one would like to work on an environment full of enemies. As once our CEO said, when you are surrounded with friends at work, work will not feel work. 

 5. Stay healthy with daily intake of Vitamins like Fern-C! Choose this daily vitamin because this is definitely Subok Na! This is the first vitamin C in the Philippine market that is non-acidic. It definitely promotes a better immunity and more energy for everyday stress at the office. Learn more about Fern-C here ---> Fern-C Website or you may also get to learn more at the following official accounts:

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